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Hello to all!


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Let me first say this is my first posting and that I am still very new to this vending machine business. This is great! Ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to have video games, the full size ones! This was in the 80's. and I was 15-19 ish. My mind has been going a mile a minute now that I started my own vending route. All types of machines! Snack, Soda,Cigars, punching bags etc...!!

I thought I would share my first 4 months worth of expernceys.

Someone posted asking how to goto a location and not have to ASK to place a machine.

This works for me

No machines at location:

When I am scoping out new locations I already know myself about the type and amount of traffic. I send in wife/friend/brother (spy's) in first. Then they tell me what, if any machines are there. If there are no machines I go in later in my uniform and clip board an TELL them "HI some of my friends/wife/brother/ (spy's) AND the locations customers/clients (whatever) were in here recently and said they could not find a soda machine (I do snack and soda).

They (the location) will tell YOU why they don't have one, maybe the location will TELL you they tried to call the big guys who all have minimums (employees,foot traffic) and therefore could not get a machine placed. The location may have even called another big guy with the same results and gave up looking for a vending company altogether. This is great news to you, because now you TELL them who you are and what you do. "Well My name is XXX and I own xyz vending company and I have a soda machine I can put in here for you". The location may reply with again how unsuccessful they were with the big guys.

Most times, if you are at this point you are no longer in the asking/selling mode.

They (the location) have already made it up their mind that a soda machine IS being placed, not IF a machine is being placed, but WHEN and HOW FAST is the machine is getting to that location.

Thats it! I never had to ASK them if I could place a machine.

I really should make a flowchart for my ways. There are so many more ways to add locations without having to ask.

I came up with this plan after reading a for sale ad on CL

Example I found on CL for $1100

Woman had to get machines (3 i think it was) out the location (sorry this is hidden as it is an untapped market LOL. once I secure the other 3 locations of this type in my area I may reveal this location type) she said the machines were grossing $500-$600/month (soda snack and bulk was at this location) I thought "yeah right" So I found out the address of the location and surveyed the location to see if her numbers could match up with the traffic at the location. The numbers were matching. I then found the same type of location and sent my spy's in.

The results were NO machines whatsoever!

After applying the above Flow/scrip, whatever you want to call it I got machines placed at the location EXACTLY as explained above.

The machines are all setup and running at the location now and they are already doing well.

Both of these locations in my example even had "convenience" stores near them, if you did not mind crossing a 4 lane divided major road.

With the locations background information you have you can now go in there armed and ready to TELL them why you NEED to place one of your machines at that location.

And NOT ask them!

I think this plan could be applied to all locations types.

OK I think I covered it all.

Let me know if I missed something and I hope this helps.


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Hi Phil,

Welcome to the forums. There are many ways to get locations, the important thing is to get them.

Some methods work well for some and not so well for others so it's always nice to share ideas here and take from the info the stuff that will work for you.

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