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Coin Mech and Bill Validator Repair

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Please look at the boards TOS. If you want to place an ad, do so in classifieds.

Let's not make this another vendingchat.

Okay, Bill. I didn't realize that there was a specific place to list things like this, but I will do so in the future. I will also add that I have received a ton a of calls and emails from people who saw our service on these forums, and they have been very pleased that they have been able to find a place to buy machines, have repairs made, etc. I got the impression that these chat forums where not only for technical repair problems, but for resources for vendors who just need a fast and inexpensive way to keep their machines running. That was the impression I got from the many customers I have talked to who got my number off these sites. However, if there are rules for where posts like this can be posted, then I will gladly follow them in the future.

Also, I was pleased when I looked up your website, which I got off of this forum. You have a wide variety of parts, many of which I have looked for in the past. Your prices are good, and I will be doing business.

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