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Energy consumption


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The amperage draw is a bad number to use for energy consumption. A soda machine can draw more or less amperage at any given time. Unless they did a test for a full day they will not get an accurate number. The true test is how many KwHr/24hr period is used. For example, an Energy star rated Vendo uses a claimed 6 KwHr/24 hr in their live display, A USI CB500 with LED uses a claimed 4.34 KwHr/24hr @ 75 degrees and some of the older beverage machines can use 12 KwHr/24 hr's. Now you need to do the math based on your charge per KwHr. The Bureau of labor statistics has an average cost of 13.4 cents per KwHr as of June 2011. So if the machine does use 12 KwHr/day it would be 12 X .134 X 30 which is $48.24 per 30 days. If you have a newer machine that only uses 6 KwHr/day it would be $24.12 per 30 days. If we average them out at 9KwHr/day it would be ~$36.00 per month. So you need to find out your energy costs and what the power consumption is on your machine to get a true number. ie:Boston is .15 / KwHr which would cost $4 more at 9KwHr/day.

Sorry about the formatting. It doesn't take to well on the mobile site. Hopefully is still makes sense though.

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