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Issues with Vendesign


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I have been using vendesign 4-1 carousel machine for about 6 months. I have been noticing a recurring problem with the machines. Sometimes when I go to a location, there are quarters that get stuck in the candy chute where the quarters are supposed to roll down and land into the tube in the center? Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you resolve it? This issue causes me to lose business because since the quarters get stuck in the candy chute, customers can't place another quarter in the machine because the coin mechanism won't turn.

Thanks for your help

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I have several vendesigns on my route and have experienced this problem too.

I have not figured out a solution...but haven't given it much thought.

It has happened maybe twice total since I bought them as part of a route over a year ago.

Funny thing is, when it happens, it's not been the same machine or chute each time.

JUST A GUESS: I wonder if it is caused by a customer who turns the mech very slowly.

The quarter may drop out of the mech and into the chute with too little momentum to send it around the corner/curve and down the chute.

Thus the quarter sits at the corner/curve of the chute and holds up subsequent quarters until there are enough backed up to jam the mech.

(If you are familiar with Vendesigns, I think you'll know what I mean by the "corner/curve" of the chute)

I'm not a huge fan of these machines, but they came on the route and they work well for the locations they are in.

I don't hope to ever own more and the mech jams are not even in my top 3 complaints on these machines.

So I guess I live with that occasional mech jam since it happens so rarely on mine.

Wish I could be of more help.

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