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Gasha/Gacha Japanese Capsule in Beaver Machine


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Hi, I am newbie to the vending world and I plan on selling Japanese toys at anime Stores and conventions. It seems that the type of toys I want to sell are called Gashapon or Gacha. The capsule stations seem to be pretty expensive (the ones I find are 500 and up) and for a first time trial, I am not ready to invest that much money. I have found some guys selling Beaver Machines that are small, portable, and I can put them on a counter, best of all he is selling them for like 50 bucks (used). My question is if anyone knows if you can vend these Japanese capsules in Beaver Machines or the like.

Also, does anyone know where I could a reasonable priced Gashapon Vending Machine, and where I can get the toys. That seems to be my problem, I just don't get where I am supposed to buy inventory as wholesale. Because I have not started the business yet and I also don't plan to open an official business, I have trouble getting access to wholesale websites. I just need help.

*Edit* - Called up a company that is licensed to sell Gacha Machines in America. They told me that you cannot vend Gacha capsules in other machines, but you can vend other capsules in gacha machines. Need to confirm if this is true.

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