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PIzza Hut - Gives the Boot

Jax Snacks

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The local Pizza Huts here went through an extensive remodeling. You know what that means? Yep, the vending machines got the boot. I had 3 carry-out facilities that had to be removed. The manager told me that the corp wanted a "clean and consistent" look along with a new bright red color scheme. No real big deal for me since they were all double head charity locations. But you still hate to lose quarter-producing spots in any event.

I recently had lunch in a Pizza Hut sit-down restaurant. It was also remodeled and all vending was removed. They used to have a rack, sports blaser and a small crane. I was chit-chatting with the manager about the remodeling and she was sooo happy that all the "clutter" had been removed. Never told her I was in that business. I actually met the vending machine owners a few years ago during lunch. They told me that they were working with Best Vending and had equipment in all the sit-down restaurants. Felt bad for those guys. That's a lot of equipment to lose at one time. Anti-vending sentiment seems to be on the rise in many places!

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