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Don't forget to Register


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Since this is the golpher hole,

I would like to say that if you are a

REAL American, who cares about real freedom,

If your tired of the same crap for the last 20 years

(both republican and democratic presidents have done a piss poor job over these years)

If you believe in economic freedom, social freedom, and peace,

If you believe that this country is in trouble and needs a move back to reality,

there is only one candidate that will strive for that in 2012.

Don't forget to register as a Republican and vote

Dr. Ron Paul through the primaries and into the White House.

Every vote counts.

Does this post bother you? If you don't believe me, do RESEARCH. Look at facts.

Don't just restate extreme/biased views that are fed to you by the media/other sheep.

Vote for the right person for the job.

Being AMERICAN is > being a democrat or republican.

Take that golpher hole! ;)

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Even in the primary?

The way I've seen it work here is that you go to one voting location or another, depending on what party you wish to vote for. That is only for the primaries. All locations will allow votes for all candidates for presidential elections.

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the Great State of Texas does not have you specify a party when you register to vote.

When Darryl is right, he is right. Texas is one of 17 states with an open primary.


That video is great, Steve. Finally someone with a brain on MSNBC. ;D

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