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  1. I have a chance to pick one of these up for really cheap and it looks like it is brand new. My question is, how good of machine is it and who out there is running these that can give me the pro's and con's of it's operation. Any comments greatly appreciated.
  2. In a lot of my accounts that I don't pay commission to I will often give out some snacks and sodas. I look at it as marketing in a sense. Some of your best customers will use your machines daily which adds up big at the end of the year. Giving them a soda or snack on me just lets them know how much I appreciate there business. In return they stay loyal and keep coming back day after day keeping my bottom line where it needs to be. Also by matching that with good service and it is hard to knock me out of good locations.
  3. Been in this business for over twenty two years and still wish I had done it sooner.
  4. I wouldn't waste my time going back and start looking for more locations. This guy is all about himself and shows he will at the drop of a hat kick you out no matter how good your taking care of the location. He will see how good he had it once that national vendor takes over and gets crappy service. That's my two cents.
  5. Well there still in business and got a hold of me yesterday after I sent them an e-mail. There phone lines where down and they are trying to get them fixed.
  6. I just tried to contact Noel today to order more merchandise for my lax juniors and there phones have been disconnected. Anybody know what's up with that? I hope there still in business. There website is still up but the phone numbers listed and the 800 number do not work. Thanks
  7. Hey Putrevus when you get a chance shoot me a pm and ill walk you through of how I would handle this account.
  8. My best purchase ever was two old challenger candy cranes that I had to dig out of an old warehouse. I gave a $100.00 for both and when I got the locks drilled out on both machines the cash boxes where fairly full adding up over $700.00. It was a very good day.
  9. A nice size bulk rack would do well in that location.
  10. Getting into the amusement business is not a cheap business to get into. I use to not do any pop or snack routes just amusement only and it was good. As time went on I than started to get into cranes when amusement was slowing down. Than I got into bulk, pop and snacks on a big scale. My amusement route today is only 20% of my total business when at one time it was 85%. With all the computer games and ipads kids have today there not interested in stepping up to an arcade machine. Also there is not much new equipment coming out to keep things on the route fresh. The new stuff that does come out is so expensive that it will never pay for itself in a good amount of time to be worth it. I would stick to growing your pop and snack route, it's more work but the money will be steady. Setting up a crane or bulk route would be in my opinion the way to go if your looking to expand into something that would go with your pop and snacks. I have several stops where I do the pop and the snacks the cranes, games and bulk. The owner has to only deal with one operator and when I have everything in the stop it makes it worthwhile and keeps the returns up. Hope this helps
  11. I'm looking into getting at least five of the egg vendors next month. Just don't know which ones yet. I have several places with good kid traffic and I think they will be a nice addition with my bulk racks and other games. The prize locker looks like a good concept but for the price I don't think they will hold up. I thinking of building my own with better secure doors.
  12. How are you cleaning the spinner head and what are you using to clean it with? The cotton candy machines that I service I use a portable steam cleaner that saves a ton of time and gets in places that just using cleaners and towels can't. To get that sugar out you always need a good supply of hot water which at some locations may not have.
  13. I wanted to stick it to the man. So I got into vending and slapped the man silly. Been doing vending for over twenty two years and never looked back.
  14. I still run quite a few pinballs on route, but haven't bought any new pin's in a long time due to the price. For what the new sterns cost they will never pay for themselves. I've seen only a few on the street and the vend prices are at .75 cents and a $1.00 per play. I've stayed with older pin's that I have put led's in and on some of them I have clearcoated the playfields for faster play. I keep my price average around $2500.00 or lower when buying a used pin and I still make money with them. There still a ton of work to keep them running, but as long as I can continue to make a decent return on my investment I will still run them.
  15. Can it count mixed bags of coins from like from a pop or snack machine with nickels and dimes mixed in?