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First Solo Locating Tomorrow!

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Tomorrow morning, I am going on my first attempt at locating solo. The location is a restaurant that caters to family, lots of family seating and kid's meals, etc. The intent is for this machine to be a charity machine that donates to a local non profit that provides lots of great services to the community for free or super cheap (shelter, free bus line, section 8 housing, etc.). 

I've read all I can, and even done some practicing, but I would love any extra advice you guys can give me!

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I'm a full line vendor as well as a locator and I completely agree with the post above.
I do cold calls as well as telemarketing. The biggest problem that I had when I started was getting discouraged because your going to get more negative then positive responses and it's only natural to get discouraged but personally I found that if I made sales calls everyday it affected me negatively but if I only made sales calls once or twice a week it wasn't so bad .
I also look at it as a game , I know that sounds odd because I really am serious about business but selling is definitely a numbers game .
Use as many sources as you can to get your name out there , Craigslist is great for me , pass out business cards to everyone, walk into every business you see and don't forget that a lot of retail businesses wont allow a machine on there sales floor but they probably have a break room.

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