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Purchased 2 new machines today


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I am currently updating some of my aging machines with some new ones.

I went to I.A.P.P.A show in orlando this year and researched alot of machines.

I saw all the newest games and imports

I narrowed it down from a large field of choices to 4 at the end

First is the ones I did rule out and my opinion why

Tower Of hanoi

simple game with prizes led screen game with simple gameplay

loses the allmost got it feeling they get with barbercut, winners cube, keymaster etc.. its a digital loss.

so they feel it's rigged more..

its new game i dont know how its doing and performing yet.

ICE Mfg. Lift mainia its a copy of winners cube, but uses a toy forklift

The forklift forks move forward and try to lift cube prize from shelf in back

But when its not time to win the forks tilt to the side. customers can see the game cheat.

so they feel cheated 5/10 for that alone to compare it would be like a crane game with the claw not even closing at all.

I am a fan of LAI games...

stacker Wall street.. is great if you need a small space stacker 10/10 but does not fit my needs

balloon buster is cool, as long as it does not drop prize when balloon pops at random or when they use the ebay cutting lasers on them

not sure but ask that first and formost. if its protected from that attack

stack and grab crane/stacker and its twin catch and grab I love the look, but my customers are as dumb as a box of rocks... once they lost at stacking the blocks they would

complain that the claw game didnt give them a chance etc..

So, that narrows it down to a few games barbercut lite, winners cube, and keymaster and a amazing entry from benchmark games

barbercut lite..... its 3 years old... strong earner

WARNING... when i purchased todays game i was warned about a new hack of barbercut games

The sides are plexiglas so they have been drilling small holes or burning a small hole in the plastic sides...

inserting a coathanger and dropping all prizes in less than 30 seconds or a xacto-knife on the end of the coathanger and all prizes are thiers..

winners cube cool, and still a top earner

but if you have it in a non-monitored location they can/will tilt the game if not bolted down or anchored

And all the cube prizes will fall out the back... they wont win or steal all the prizes due to a locked motorized prize door

but you will have to reset the unit and if it goes unoticed for a few weeks there goes alot of lost income

its not a theft issue its a lost income issue due to jerks.

The two new games after much research and testing are

Sega Keymaster, 15 prizes simple insert key in keyhole =win prizes

left right up

can move tiers up/down for larger prizes remove some for iPad space

there is 3 tiers each tier is programable from 1 to 9999 credits in or $2500.00 a shelf

lockable, all saftey glass, super bright lights

accepts 1,5,10,20s

the prize holders are spring loaded and metal rods key turns and pulls rod twards player

motorized locked inner prize door.

so, if they shake, tilt or beat none of the prizes will fall and alarm sounds

the only way to steal is to shatter the glass... 1 lock on front with bar on inside that runs full length of door with padlock spot

and camlock to lock inner rod from moving

my only minus so far is, attract mode music is continuous you on have on/off thats it..

that may be a fix in a update

i got it for $5200.00 inc shipping

Second choice is the one i am having the most fun with so far

Benchmark games trap door

twist on a crane, uses 12 inch plush animals

has a simple 1 button gameplay

1 play $.50

11 plays $5.00

23 plays $10.00

46 plays $20.00

has a mousetrap claw that auto feeds the center trap door when someone wins

Customizable prize amounts and percentages

Tilt Alarm is the funniest thing SCREAMS in DEEP male voice DONT SHAKE THE MACHINE and were talking James earl jones

darth vader talks you listen. made even me jump

every setting is adjustable

fun thing is the sound is a removable SD card so you can change up the Music and Sounds

I want it to play the sad trombone when they lose..

well built and very LED bright lots of sound effects and attract modes

talking easy programming (only bad thing is programming buttons are behind wheel and led changes are in the front use mirror or 2 people )

$3750.00 inc shipping.

well i will report first months issues, or good/bads when its up i have several machines to compare income to


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well there 10-11 months old now

sega keymaster is still running strong,

only 1 issue i have had was 1 ballast went bad, seems to be a common issue.. be carefull ordering and replacing bulbs only order bulbs from sega or a online store that lists bulb temprature.

the ones from suzo- happ are a yellow-white bulb 3000k temp.. not super bright white that came with the unit and when you replace them be very carefull you have to pull back on the bulb

and if your not carefull it will smack the metal and crack-shatter the bulbs.

if your going to buy one now i would get the capsule every time kit added.

also add a sign near the coin mechs saying the dollar bill acceptor is <-----

or get a color changing dba bezel.. so its more noticable

so keep some spare ballast and lights around

benchmark trap door..

good machine not a problem with this model

it is a set and forget machine it does better with all licenced plush like A&A jumbo plush mix 100%

I have found if you have the money instead of a plush mix is to order

large plush from ri-novelty.. one kind like turtles, or bears or extend a pulls or even aliens.

theme it all 1 item. then next month change it to turtles... then bears.. then xx i say its more expensive because you have to

order 3x the plush to change the themes

its a constant earner and has needed just windex

i am selling one used for $2500.00 if intrested. includes dba.

i bought 3 new and this one does not have a home anymore being in detroit area we lose alot of locations..

other games to consider

winners cube is good.

i know someone selling a dunk tank prize for $5k here in michigan it was used for 2 months

Stackers still do good.

barbercut lite... still does great but you have to modify it...

1st mod.. change it to dual dollar bill acceptors..

2nd.. locking bar across the prize door. and change the locks they are all keyed alike... that means i can open your b-cut with my keys.

3rd.. locking bars across coin boxes

4th.. white strings so they cant be cut with a laser I even add zip ties to the strings at the top so they cannot be removed off the hook without cutting the zip tie first

(why? they take a lighter heat up a coathanger.. use the heat to melt the plastic sides and use the coat hanger to knock the prizes off the hook... the zip tie stops them cold)

i dont know why they dont use glass sides on barbercut but they are meltable plexiglass.

5th.. your a winner prizes keep no prize larger than $100.00 inside the machine instead leave a cardboard box cutout or the box with instructions on the back how to claim..

6th make sure to leg level machine to floor they shake it enough it will un-calbirate..

after all that collect money with no real worries..

thats alot to go thru but you need them..

lift mania i would not touch at all...

same for tower of hanoi..

drop zone looks good its a variant on stacker

i also strongly recommend wonka sweetland...


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what kind of $ does the trap door make?

at iaapa i was looking at some "cube" cranes


thinking about buying a few they look sharp as hell

also ..yeah a mall location where my crane got robbed, someone did exactly what u said to the barber cut and cleaned it out, unlike me the owner filed a police report...ofc the police didnt give a damn

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trap doors make 20% more than the crane did where it was at

they seem to do better than a normal crane... the only downside is the people who dont understand how to play or how it works..

but thats the same with any game that requires skill aka sports arenas i cant count how many times i watched people blindly smack the stop button having no clue how to play

i saw those cube cranes too last year i thought they were cool... the only problem i see is thier size and weight..

dumb-golpher customers might pick them up and shake them to get stuff for free.. etc..

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Keymaster is the easily the top earner ... Bill was that price with a validator?

I have been through all the security issues and lost thousands and spent thousands on security. Andimiro redesigned the whole machine after I lost like 2k in prizes.I told them exactly what they had to do which was move the trap door to the top.Can't be that easily accessible ,they also added the battery pack so you couldn't just unplug it to make it open and close. Also had Namco redesign the door molding years ago as you could fish a hanger thru it and rip the prizes off,it took me about 3 weeks to figure out how they were getting in. There are still easy ways to break in that I won't say here,I couldn't believe with my own eyes.

Barber cut guardian hasp is easily the best to protect cash,it covers the whole door system . Yes the the top locks I had twisted in the cheap sheet metal. Use collars and the bar that covers them all.

Winners Cube make sure you use a boron steel lock to prevent cutting and also bump and pick proof.A thieve cuts that lock they are into the money and prizes. I had a hasp customized to cover the whole opening then put a extra hockey puck lock on.

Keymaster just got a couple prizes stolen on the bottom row. You can just push in the trap door and bend it and stick a bendable steel rod up there and rip the prizes off. I have empty boxes on the bottom row now.

It all started when I had the Beats on each side down bottom and a Kindle in the middle. Someone won a Beats and it hung up a little on the Kindle and the trap door opened and closed and it went behind.Too many large boxes on the bottom row,so took out the Kindle so the Beats box can slide out.

My mistake couldn't get there right away and everyone see's the prize laying there and put's 2 and 2 together and they bend the trap door to try and get it..

The only machine I was interested from the show was the Icube. Just not sure about the prize area whether you can just shake off.

Bill balloon buster has a pin in it in case the balloon leaks or is lasered.



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Keymaster is the easily the top earner ... Bill was that price with a validator?

no, that was with shipping from shaffer.

i added a mars 1000ct stacker. almost cant use a stacker, just a bucket and a open feed thru acceptor.

but i hate sorting and picking up bills for a hour..

the only change i see they should/could have done to make keymaster better was

change the music to random attraction instead of on/off

and better lighting..

i need ballasts.. if you know a source

and had the DBA placement closer to the coin mechs.

icube does look promising.

i saw dunk tank in person and was not impressed but it does do good from what i hear.

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You can use a 1000 stacker no problem, the validator has to be a down stacker and it doesn't have the space. Forget what model number,can find out.

If you have the original ballast they all go,they replace them with the updated one's for free. The old one's are the 4 ballast,the new replacements are 2 ballast.

Biggest thing they still should do is move the prize door to the top of the prize chute. This is a big problem and easy fix.I was just told today that it has gone viral. I told Andamiro myself and other operators weren't going to buy the machine unless the moved it up and they did immediately. The only way they change things is hearing from operators. I have to get back to Seaga to give them a model number for a new coin mech as their's are the worst in the industry and are jammed every time I service.

Dunk Tank last year the first time I payed it as it was going down just bumped the cabinet and landed right in the hole. Told rep thanks but no thanks.


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