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Great Week Finally


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We had a great week. Started off on Monday closing a very nice auto dealership in Torrance CA. They have 150 employees, represent 3 Models, great credit rating, just remodeled the sales area and a long history in their location. They took 2 drink, 2 snack and coffee. This one took a couple of weeks to close. Plus we knocked out a really big company that had just ended a long term contract. They were battling to keep it. But after they took proposals, we got it! It looks like great coffee pricing (also giving them a couple of free cases each month), credit card readers on the showroom machines and two custom fronts got the deal done.


Closed a 200 person office in Van Nuys Ca. They took 2 drink 1 snack and coffee. This one took two days to close and by the end of the week it was installed. The place is brand new.

Visited a College Campus to present the H.U.M.A.N. program. This looks good for us. Got a call back on Friday to come back in to look for a good place to put in some machines.


Had given a proposal on three drug/alcohol treatment facilities. Each place needed 20% commission with a drink and snack set up. Offered multi-price machines with cans and bottles. Put in Jarritos too. They also took proposals. We got this one based on type of machines, commission and we are giving $50 American Express thank you gift cards to the HR department at each facility to use as employee rewards. ;D


Bad day. Totally forget to schedule two meeting with accounts...to much celebrating.

I wish each week would be half as good as this week.

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