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Using a minivan for your route compared to cargo?


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I am in a bit of a situation and was wondering if anyone is using a minivan for their vending route? I know its do-able but at the same time a minivan seems a bit small and for my route and how I run them now, I don't think it will work. Maybe pre-packaging containers per machine with what I need is the route I'll have to take now.

Basically I sold my big truck with intentions of buying a cargo van to make my route easier (because I can take each box of product with me and never have an issue with not having enough product with me because everyweek seems to be very different on a few of my machines). But anyways I sold the truck for cash (for some new machines :) ) plus a trade for a minivan I was going to sell. Well long story short I signed the title myself and now I believe I'm stuck with it until I change over the title.

I am wondering if anyone is using minivans and how many machines you typically service in one load of the van and if you pre-package. Or for the vendors who use cargo vans, is there any advantages or disadvantages. Any advice/help is appreciated.

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I gross about $500/week which I believe is close to yours (ASVG). I use my car and I use lots of variety packs and I make my own "variety packs" from my full-size boxes. I know there is NO WAY I am going to sell 50 bags of lays chips in 1 route so I will put maybe 20 of each choice into a mixed box. I do this with all types of snacks until I have maybe 20-30 of each item instead of boxes of 30-50 items of each thing. This reduces the amount of supplies I have to carry tremendously.

I do this with cans too. For example, I only need about 3-4 cases of mountain dew or pepsi in cans but I need 1/2 of a case of diet pepsi and dr. pepper so I mix them together. The trick is to make sure that everything is up to par when I am servicing my machines. If they need 6 cans, I give them 6 cans!! That way, next time I go, they won't need 12 cans and run me out of that selection and have me saying "Man I wish I had more room!"

With bottles it becomes much more difficult but I still do the mixing. The point I am trying to make is that I can do this out of my car, so a minivan should be PLENTY for a route that does $600 (but you may need to split it up between 2 days).

One thing I have to say though, a minivan does better on gas, it is much easier on insurance, I think it's overall a better option.

I forgot to say, if you get to the point where the minivan is too small, it's time to upgrade to a box truck or a step-van!!! forget the full-size van!! A box-truck or step-van may not be much worse on gas mileage than a full-size van yet it will hold WAY more stuff and be WAY more capable!

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