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I want to buy a boxer machine for my bar. Whats the best?


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I have never had a problem with my boxers from Smart Industries. I also like my Coney Island boxers. The most important thing in my view is to buy a brand new machine. Used boxers tend to be well used if you know what I mean!

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Smart industries backs thier products and has lots of support

used boxers are just that beat up and dead

if it still worked fine they would not be selling thier used boxer

picture used boxers like used Adult toys... no matter how much you scrub and polish there still nasty

My vote is with Smart

I got a bad taste at iappa show from kalkomat he tried to upsell his boxers with a bad sales pitch

putting down other companys products like a used car salesman... we use 2 powersupplys...

very pushy guy..


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