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big buck hunter not working help!


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I got a call today about my big buck hunter 2 sportsman paradise not working.I put a new monitor in it 6 months ago and it has been working great.today I got a call from the location it has been in the last 6 months saying that the game is broke.I have yet to go to the location but the issue she described was this:the game comes on and off,possibly when people are playing it,possibly all the time in intervals,she wasnt clear about this and she was in a hurry to get off the phone.she did say it took peoples money but I believe this is normal when the game shuts off.this is what leads me to believe that it does it in intervals because otherwise why would people put money in a game that has a blank screen?with such limited information what do you guys think it is??I like to stick to bulk because I am completely ignorant when it comes to anything that uses electricity,but if I were to guess it would be the power supply.any ideas what it could be or what I should be looking for when I get to the location?

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I have 0 knowledge of any games like this, but I have a lot of knowledge of computers. The first 2 things I would check is #1 overheating. If it has a computer in it, it will have censors to auto turn off it something gets to hot. The second thing to check would be a loose cord or something connecting to the power supply.

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Do a Hard Drive scan in the main menu

Usually if these games have freezing or studder-reboot issues

its the Hard drive going bad

Most switch the Hard drives to Memory Sticks Now ( ebay)

They are a Pc based game, check the cooling fan on the red or blue cpu board for dust buildup

clean the power suppy

make sure the cpu cooler is clipped on tight and run diagnostics in the game menu

1000/1 its the hard drive dieing... they go alot due to constant use

good thing is replacement hard drives are on ebay for under $30.00 usually


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compressed air, or small vaccum

smell around first and see if the power supply is hot and smelly.

see if the fan is still moving

turn off sound and listen for noises from the power suppy then the hard drive

the hard drive is mounted usually on the floor in a metal shroud away from the motherboard

also dust the heatsink on the cpu

If you hear any clicking noises out of the hard drive or any screen load jitters,

long load times or resets... its the hard drive

the memory card upgrade is a DYI project and is usually heavy computer related knowlege how to clone hard drives to flash memory drives using norton ghost

and you will need the origional working hard drive to make a clone so if its dead its too late to back it up.

sometimes you will see memory card replacement for the hard drive games on ebay but not very often.

your best bet is to buy are replacement hard drive on ebay if thats the problem

that way you can just unplug and plug back in

you can check the power supply with a volt-meter should have 3.3 5v and 12v

the power supply and hard drive are now 10 years old they might be due to be replaced.

250 watt ATX style power suppy For RED Board Games only if yours is blue this will not work.

+3.3v DC

+5v DC

+12v DC


that is a link to the power supply for red boards.

If you have a blue board


or twisted quarter has the same one for a little less

Hard drives are on ebay for $25-$40.00 each

suzo happ wants $210.00 for the same drive so go the ebay route

I have had to replace most midway games hard drives and power suppys

gauntlet dark legacy

War final assult

big bucks

area 51

and a few megatouches

by now at least once


hope this helps

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Thank you very much bill for such a detailed response. thanks for taking the time. just 1 last little question where do I see what board I have red or blue?? Do you think I should just buy both power supply and hard drive and not have to worry about anything for a while? after switching the monitor the hard drive , and power supply I should be trouble free for a while correct??

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Yes you would be And the Cost is minimal to 1 weeks downtime $80.00

Just dont be like me and order spare parts,,,

Put them in my Storage never to be seen again.

i usually find the spare parts after i have ordered another new one.

I started storing my spare parts inside the machines i needed them for. wrapped up,

if im not mistaken the Red/blue is the color of the motherboards

your should be red color


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Thanks again bill for your advice and for your help. I hear what you're saying about buying spare parts just to have them. I wish I would have figured that out before I bought a spare gun for the big buck hunter and big buck hunter pro that I have. that's a good idea about putting the extra parts inside the game .

I may go to pick up the game tomorrow and bring it back or I may just go check it out and leave it there and go early before they open and fix it on the spot once I have the parts on hand. Is there any chance that this could be the motherboard ??

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very little chance its the motherboard.

90% its the hard drive due to constant use all day ..

its the only thing rotating at 4000 rpm day in and day out

and hard drives from early 2000s were not that great compared to todays.

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Great! The reason I ask is because my area seems to be a little slower as far as video games profit goes. At at a 50 percent split it's gonna take me a while to make my money back from the monitor alone. If it needs a motherboard I probably won't fix it. we'll see tomorrow what was wrong with it.

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Im in the same boat... no pun intended

I picked up a Hydro-Thunder Sit down boat-racing game $100.00

I ordered a new monitor in december from suzo happ for 375.00 on sale.. then $130.00 frieght charge ouch.

Broke the Steering poteiometer $30.00

I accidently hit it with the monitor chassis it was cheep plastic and snapped right off

one month later the new monitor would not come on all i got was a click click click high volatage start failed.

had to send the chassis to suzo happ under warrantee and wait a few weeks to get it back so i lost another months income.

Now its making money but its going to take forever to make $650.00 Back

i should have just used a computer monitor and not a tube arcade monitor

So my new rule is NO TUBE MONITORS!!! or tube games Lcd or use a computer monitor

they dont play them enough to justify them when a crane or redemption game in the same spot will do 100% more money.


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good idea!!

no more issues with the game.I have the red board as you said I would too.now I know exactly what that meant !!I never paid attention to it`s color. in the end it was a coin jam and a younger kid that probably pushed 2 players and it kept asking for more money and the mom got tired of putting money in it.so the owner adds another 50 cents just to make sure!in the end a simple service call,half hour one way,so an hour and a half plus gas and $2.50.much better then the cost and hours anticipated.

now I`m back at chipping away at the price of that monitor,which I believe is a flat screen Lcd , it isn`t a tube monitor,mine came from suzo happ and if memory serves they didn`t have the tube monitor option for it,or maybe didnt carry it any more.I agree tube monitors are out.

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