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Which supplier should I use for bling teeth (or other dentures)?


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I'm running out and need to re-order today. What place do you recommend?

My other things to order today are fuzzy face mustaches (presumably from A&A unless I get recommendations to go elsewhere) and.... actually I'll probably just change out products for the other machines as I still have a few thousand dollars worth of inventory.


I've been swamped and these machines are critically low. Do I get a significantly better deal on shipping by ordering two boxes? The cardinal system online calculates shipping and gives much better deals for buying even numbers of 2 inch boxes.

Bling teeth (2inch) have been solid for a long time in this location. Bling or dentures are fine. I'd like to keep CoGs low because of the commission rates, but the locations will be set at 75 cents and 1 dollar.

Edit: Also, does anyone know when you get the best rates on shipping for the bags of fuzzy face? It should be similiar to other 1 inch toys. Frequently the prices jump at specific points and the sales person rarely cares to know. (They were wrong once and I let them hear it for wasting my money) Anyone calculate this and know? I know some of the cardinal points even though I hardly ever use them because they calculate it from the website.

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