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Rowe Bc-12 Bill Changer


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I see a ad on craigslist for a older dollar bill changer last night on craigslist

its a rowe mounted to a wall in a laundrymat


So i make a 2 hour trip to go get this unit

Most people overlooked the older changer.... its out of date... ugly.... etc

but little do people know rowe changers can last forever.

so i get the call and i start driving

Well i arrive to a closed laundrymat

to a nice old man selling the wall mounted changer

turns out he as 2 changers the one listed on criaglist and a twin thats wall mount front load and rear loader

he wants $225.00 for both.

then he tells me that he has a update kit he ordered a few years ago and didnt install. and a extra motherboard that go with them.

So i open the box to a rowe update kit, with a brand new mars 2611 bill acceptor never used. plus the capitalvending updater for 1,5,10,20s

$650.00 update kit.

so lets recap before the funny story begins 2 rowe changers double hoppers 1 front load 1 rear load..

1 new motherboard and 1 new $650.00 update kit with new mars 2611 dba.


so it pays somedays to not overlook ugly

now for the funny part

the front load was mounted to the wall with 1/2 inch thick steel plates top and bottom and even in the inside and welded bolts thru the wall

1 inch thick bolts and custom added 1/2 inch thick plates top and bottom to accomodate

1 inch thick threaded bolts attached to the front door and a medco lock.

with wheel rim locks on each end. so in order to open the door you had to unlock the medco lock

undo 3 1inch thick 8 inches long locking steel rods with diffrent wheel locks on each one.

the changer itself is bolted top-back and bottom thru the wall

i go to the other side of the wall its bolted to a 1 inch thick steel plate 4 foot by 6 foot tall with giagantic washers the steel plate was enormous.

the guy said someone tried a few years ago to attach a chain to it and use a car to drag it away, so i did all this to see them try to do it again

if they would have tried again i think they would have took 1/4 of the building with them

30 bolts later and 2 tons of steel removed a rowe changer it was!

i have never seen anyone armor a changer like this before at all

how far do go to armor your changers?

i just use a medco lock and on my smaller changers i chain them to a rack or machine

My bigger changers that i know wont be moved i usually bolt to the concrete floor or walls with 4 bolts

knock on wood i have not had any stolen or broken into

but this seemed a bit extreme


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