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MMP count per bag?


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I've only counted a bag of M&M Peanuts once and I got 649. (I would expect the range to be 624-674 or so.)

Based on the 649 pieces and based on an $8.75 price per bag, here are some food cost metrics:

4 Count Vend 21.57% (cost per vend; so $21.57 of every quarter you get was spent earlier on product)

5 Count Vend 26.96%

6 Count Vend 32.36%

7 Count Vend 37.75%

8 Count Vend 43.14%

9 Count Vend 48.54%

10 Count Vend 53.93%

11 Count Vend 59.32%

12 Count Vend 64.71%

13 Count Vend 70.11%

14 Count Vend 75.50%

15 Count Vend 80.89%

Example of calculation:

***4 Count Vend***

Number of vends per bag: 162.25 (649 / 4)

Revenue per bag (Vends times 25 cents): $40.56 (162.25 * $0.25)

At $8.75 a bag (Food cost per vend in $): $0.05 ($8.75 / 162.25)

At $8.75 a bag (Food cost per vend in %): 21.57% ($0.05 / $0.25) (Note: all numbers shown here are rounded, which is why the answer is 21.57% and not 20%.)

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The count varies depending on the size of peanuts they start with, so it is not uniform throughout the year. Some years back I counted several bags and got an average of 680-700 if memory serves me correctly.

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wow thanks

that saved me alot of time

some locs are at the 8 to 10 per

if I change they are not going to be happy.

I may just dial it back one setting and see if I get any resistance.

you dont have that same info on MI do you?

thanks again


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