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Roller coaster ride!


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My father owns an Amusement/Entertainment enterprise, and he's run a variety of entertainment venues. Recently a local ad came up for a coin-op "motion simulator" that shows roller coaster rides. Typically there's always one on eBay, but presently I can't find one. Here's a link I found through Google: http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WMA900_Roller_Coaster_Ride_Coronado_Mall_Albuquerque_NM

I'm not sure. He seems pretty sure this thing is a slam-dunk to riches. I assume by the stark absence of these rides around, they must not do very well. Whether he goes for it or not depends on my opinion and the seller's asking price (we're waiting on that). I have no real investment or opinion either way. So, my fellow vendors, what is your opinion on this? Is this sort of machine any good? If so, what's it worth? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Well, I have seen these , but never owned one

they use a Tube monitor

so check for burn-in

check for high pitch whines from the monitor (bad Caps or leaking flyback)

Take back cover off and look at monitor board in the dark for any arcs or sparks especaily around the flyback

Wear items on this are the monitor and the motors for the motion simulator

check for free play like you would tie-rods on a car

if you can peek at the motion motors

and thats about it

some have a dollar bill acceptor some dont.

they do make money but most of the time at $.50 cents some people have it set at $1.00

at $1.00 most parents say we will come back on the way out... or later ,,,, or just plain no...

So if the monitor is good then yes if the monitor is bad then your looking at $400.00 for a monitor

unless you convert to computer monitor... much cheaper


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Cool! Thanks for the advice Bill, I'll report my findings. I have absolutely no experience with this sort of thing, so I'll take lots of pictures.

Nick505, that was the third result on my Google search for pictures. What a coincidence!

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