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Hi from florida

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I just picked up two used machines. While looking for service manuals, I stumbled along this great site.

I've got a Dixie Narco 501t and a Polyvend 6632.

If you guys have any pointers for a newbie getting started, I'd appreciate any advice. Once it get the machines in working order, I'll be setting them up in my school. I'm an HVAC instructor at a tech school, so I’ll be able to have the students work on the refrigeration side if needed. They'll get some experience with vending refrigeration and hopefully I'll make a little cash.

I've got the service manual for the 501t but have yet to find the 6632.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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My first bit of advice is to take some time and do some reading and learn more about vending. As for the Polyvend, that's a very old machine and I have no idea where a manual is to be found. There might be a member around here that has had one in the past or still has one that might be able help you out.

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