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Good Morning All,

I pride myself on conducting good business. I have certain things that I expeect to provide in regards to the products or services available in the vending industry. What fustrates me is when companies or individuals do not provide what they promise. I will not make this post long- I will simply provide to you the letter I reveiced from Don Kimble of a company name DK Locating on May 31 2012:


Dear vendor,

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have been forced to close our doors. We also have had to reduce our staff considerably and unfortunately this will put a strain on our workload so we hope everyone will be patient until we complete all of our pending jobs. We appreciate all of you who have had the confidence in our ability and have chosen us for your locating services.

Please be patient until we complete your order. Some vendors had inquired about refunds and/or their guarantees of which we regret we will not be able to offer either. We will only continue with the orders that have already been started prior to today. As of this date we will no longer be accepting any request for replacements and all replacements requested prior to this date will be honored.

We appreciate your patience and we do understand your frustration, however, given the circumstances, this s the very best we can do.

Thank you for your understanding. "

Donald Kimball

The Facts/Matter at hand:

I hired Don Kimble of DK Locating on Feb. 28th 2012 to locate 10 Vendstar 3000's as well as a Gaines VM-750 combo drink/snack machine. I paid hime 50% of my total balalnce prior to him placing any of my machines. Mr. Kimble drove from Atlanta to Columbia where I met him with my twin brother to place my machines. The bulk candies were placed fine. We got to one location to place the combo machine where the owner of the business was to have me come back to handle all of the details later that afternoon. Mr. Kimble decided to drive back home as he thoiught this was a good location. It turns out that the location was not suitable- I contacted Mr. Kimble and he stated " he would take care of it" After me calling him numerous times he called me back and set an appointment for me to visit another location- prior to discussing it with me- of which I obviously wasn't available for the appointment. I had to reschedule the appointment which was a waste of time because the location was ona dead end street with 3 employees and no foot traffic ( An African Hair Braiding Shop). I called and emailed Mr. Kimble which too 2 weeks ot get a response from him in regards to a location for my machine. On May 22nd he sends me this email:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 7:13 AM

Jasper, Please Confirm

although we have already found two approved locations that were not to your satisfaction, and although we do not give refunds on already started and active orders, we will continue you your order and will anticipate in gettting you a satisfactorly approved location by June 4th or we will give you a partial refund of 50% of the $250.00 of your paid fee.

However, when we get you an approved location by the stated date, a refusal of the location is not an option unless you can prove without a doubt that the location will not be satisfactory.

Also, I do need the Location Replacement form filled out for the two locations that were not approved by you. Here is the link. Location pacement

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 866-618-2513

Thank you, Donald H. Kimball

You can already gues my response to Mr. Kimball: who now has taken down his website, as well as disconnected his phone line. I attempted to contact him on the 4th of June with no response. As a friendly reminder... Do not elect to use the services of Mr. Don Kimball. If I am mistaken or wrong in my judgement, please reply to this posting. I have used location services in the past where upon a partial payment- they supplied 3 locations, of which for me to go and visit and talk with the owners. I would pick one of thise locations and either I or with a payment- the location serivces woould deliver my machine(s). If at a certian time ( both parties agreed upon) my machine is in need of relocating, 3 locations would be provided and I would start the same process over. Why this did not happen with myself and Mr. Kimble is besides me. Well it not besides me, he just didn't do his job, even though I paid him in full.

-Take Care all

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