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jukebox recommendations?


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I have a meeting this week with a local bowling center to discuss a proposal they want me to put

together. This proposal will involve a significant amount of business, including arcade/amusement games, coffee service and jukebox. I am not at all familiar with the jukebox business. I get the general gist from browsing around on touch tunes website but I wonder if someone can give me some specifics and recommendations on a quality unit.

Specifically - What is the usual commission to the location on a jukebox, what is the usual royalty /commission to the manufacturer. What range of gross revenue is considered good for a jukebox?

Any questions should I ask about their current box, beyond features and commission like # of songs?

thanks any help greatly appreciated.

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Less than 200 a week you will lose money with used JB.

Less than 400 a week you will lose money with new JB.

Try to find out much the old JB earned last few weeks.

Does the location have a high speed internet connection you can connect to?

Split wise 40 -40-20 If they pay for the internet connection. If you are paying you need 20.00 a week off the top for JB base fees and DSL.

Getting a JB account for 1 JB will be almost impossible, without a connection at the local distributor.

Single JB operators are assumed to be locations or a shill trying to bypass the operator.

Read the JB contract you will likely be on the hook at least 1 year.

Understand if the JB maker goes belly up your JB maybe an expensive paper weight.

In my experience Rowe out earned Touch Tunes.

It is difficult to get good speaker placement in a bowling alley


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