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What is it worth


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A guy in my area has Gumball machines some placed some not 16 placed 7 not and 2 spirals not placed.

Also has 17 vendstars placed.

Think of making an offer on the GB side of what he has for sale

also has others stuff but just intrested in the GB and maybe the vendstars. Just depends on price.

From the photos the GB look like they are eagles.

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For me it would depend most on location composition and the condition of the equipment. If the locations are good, Vendstars can be replaced over time. If the machines in storage are any good I can locate them and start making money, or sell them, but they have to be in pretty good shape. Those are my "baseline" requirements.

For the rest, Vendelicious has the most comprehensive route-purchase guide available today in the MEGA thread. Refer to the "Route Purchase" section.

If it were me, and machines were in good shape, I'd definitely pursue the gumball machine side of things. For the rest I'd need more details. I won't even guess a number, because I'm pretty sure it will be wrong.

Good luck Big Red!

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