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Popcorn cart biz?


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I was popping up some Cornology genetically-engineered popcorn earlier this evening in our Whirley Pop on the stove... and reflecting on how unbelievably popular Garrett Popcorn is in Chicago, with lines extending out the door all day long, etc. Of course the brilliance of this is the significant profit margin.

Which led me to Google to figure out if I could get some sales data on popcorn selling with carts. I'm thinking business parks, or shopping areas in outdoor malls, etc. The carts themselves are super cheap. It appears I could pick up a nice new one for around $1500 or less.

Any idea how the sales are with this sort of thing? I'm interested primarily in doing a "super-premium popcorn" sort of thing similar to Garrett Popcorn. Basically I want to sell legal crack. :)

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I could be wrong but I do not think there is any genetically modified popcorn on the US market in 2012.

It does not make economic sense the market is so small and the cost of getting it approved is so high no chance of recouping that kind of investment.

Now sweet corn did come to market in 2012.


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