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Locator questions


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I sent an email to First Choice about a week ago and haven't received any response from them. How long does it usually take them to respond?

I'm feeling disheartened - having way more machines in my house/garage than on location. I've decided it might be worth paying a locator to get a few of these placed and making money. And from following all the threads here I thought First Choice was a good option. But having not heard from them for almost a week doesn't make me feel very good.

I am working with a local charity...does anyone know if locators will place machines with different charities?

Also, how much can I expect to pay per placement? Does it matter what type of machine or are all the same? (I have Vendstar 3000's, U-Turns, stickers/tattoos 2/3/4 columns, and a soda machine.)

Thanks for any information!

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I recently used Locators R Us it took a few days to get the paypal link to pay them and then a day or so after that before I got confirmation they were working on my order but then they provided the locations fairly quickly after that. I was satisfied with their service. I rejected a location and am awaiting a replacement but I would say give them a try. They charge around $35 per location for a vendstar triple,

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Sent them a second email and got a response. They said they are willing to work with a local charity so I signed up. They responded and said it might not be as effective - so I asked them to try and if it doesn't work then I'll sign up with a national charity. Asked them to place 2 machines for me as a starter.

Also, got a .99 auction off ebay for a locator for 1 machine.

That'd give me 4 placed and I'd at least feel like I was making some progress.

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Cool Good luck I was in your shoes a few months ago and Now I am up to almost 30 stops. Keep up with it.

I got a pretty quick responce with Kickstart. I might give them one or two singles next week and see what happens. Also if you get a little cash ahead post on Craigslist your looking for Routes for sale. I just came up with 12 stops near where I live that way.

One Hint with a locator keep your zip codes Tight so you don't have to drive all over town for 3-4 stops. If you give them a whole city unless it has one or two zip codes you could be wasting a lot of time just driving between stops. 5-10 Min between stops is ok but it sucks to spend 20-40 min driving between stops for 1-15 bucks just starting out.

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Thanks for the tip. I gave them the three zip codes closest to me. All are areas I drive on a regular basis so hopefully that is fine. Haven't heard anything today. Went ahead and picked up enough candy yesterday to fill 3 more machines so when they do call I'm ready to go.

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Sounds like a good start. Look at it kind of like a snowball. It starts out small but as it rolls along in the snow it gets bigger and bigger. I also think It doesn't hurt to spread the wealth so to speak. Keep it spread out with a couple with This Locator and a couple with That locator.

Last month I did 4 with LRU Did 4 with First Choice and the .99 cent one with quickstart.

LRU Nail salon, Old ladies Hair salon, Volvo Dealer (had a machine there), and a Dry Cleaners.

Nail Salon should be ok Looked fairly busy when I dropped off the machine MM Gumballs Smiled when I seen Mom and Daughter

getting there nails done together.

Volvo Dealer Will wait and see I plan on doing a candy change it has MMP and Runts the 4 way vendesign has both will

probably do GB and skittles and see what happens. The other machine has MM, MMP, M&I and Runts

Old Ladies hair salon Single with MM Being married I know Chocolate is a weakness for most all women

Cleaners Tried a double BG and runts Something that last a long time IF I need to do a 2-3 month service cycle on it to make it

worth stopping.

First Choice Kohl's department Store. Has a Full size candy and pop machine

Old Navy Mostly empty Full size snack machine. Was glad to see it almost empty. and pop machine But

still sharing the location Like at Kohl's

Ann Taylor the Loft Nothing but my little candy Machine. Put RP in and the manager says oh I love those Hope for

a jackpot there Not much room for anything else.

Banana republic Just my little candy machine and a pop machine

Kickstart a bar

Put in a double MM and M&I

I will find out how most of them did this weekend. The only one I won't be servicing is the Nail salon I just got it placed today.

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Yea I pulled one stop and swapped one from a triple to a single GB. So not all have been Gravy locations but Hope to have a few out of this bunch. I started out buying my first 5 machines Mid April and getting them placed by the end of May. I am will be getting 4 more stops from another route in two weeks. Lot closer for me to deal with then the current owner. I hope to be at the point that the route will fund its own growth now. I worked a lot of overtime to help get this thing off the ground.

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