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Looking for a Charity


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I'm not in Canada, but my advice applies no matter where you are.

I recommend you make the choice more personal than treating it like just another business decision.

Think a little while about LOCAL charities you find important to YOU and raise money for one or more of them with your machines.

It's not the easiest way to go about the process since you may need to set up a meeting to get your vending program going (if they don't have one).

But, I can tell you from experience that spending a little time up front picking a charity that means something to you personally and then setting up a direct vending program with them will do a few things for you:

1. It will make your business more rewarding.

2. It will make your business a better part of the community.

3. You will stand out from your competition because you won't be pitching the same charity that a dozen others are pitching.

4. Locating will be easier because you will have a personal stake in raising money for the charity.

5. Businesses will be more open to letting you vend in their location because your supporting a LOCAL group instead of a national charity.

Good luck.

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