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Reeses & PMM Side by side......


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I had a location that i had PMM and gumballs in for about 3 months. I decided to change the product out and since the PMM were selling well i thought that i would take out the gum and put another candy product in so i chose Reeses Pieces.

When i had the gumball and PMM combo in there it was averaging 50-60.00 per month.

I just checked yesterday the location and there was $36.00 in reeses and $4.00 in PMM.

The employees stated that they liked the reeses better than the PMM.

Has anyone else found that one candy product such as PMM steals the sales away from the other chocolate such as reeses.

I think next month im going to put a 3 head in there with PMM Reeses and Gumballs.

Or do you think that I should keep the reeses and instead of PMM put a fruity candy such as runts or skittles in there?

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