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Ok, I may be stepping into sacred territory now and risk being banished for life for asking this. :P

I am setting my wheels on my Seagas and Ez Pro's. I am not to the EZ yet. I am wondering what setting you all use for various candies. The Seaga has 6 slots. I got about a half oz. if I used setting 5 (6 being the largest) for PMM, 4 for peanuts and 3 for pillow mints. Have not gotten to the Mike and Ike's yet. I am betting 4.

I also find that not all pillow mints survive the springs and break up some.

I would appreciate it  if some brave souls would comment on how much they are vending of various candies.

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Call me crazy if you want....I just open my wheels up all the way for everything. I know that I can squeeze a little bit more money from a bag of candy but darn-it, I always hated getting only a little bit of candy from each machine when I was a kid. 

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