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Amerivend Pipe Stands


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I just got a shock!

I went to the Amerivend site in ebay to order some pipe stands, and they didn't have any listed! 

I went to their website, and they didn't have any listed!

Please tell me it ain't so!

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Stands were $27 including shipping.  Then $31.40 with shipping.  Now when I tried to order yesterday, as already stated by dperry they are currently out of stock and now they are charging shipping based on buyers zip code.  Since I am on the east coast and they are on the west, gone are the days of a good stand for a great price including shipping:(. 

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Thanks for the tip.  They list them as LYPC pipe stands, and I got two for $53.06 shipped.  That's $26.53 a stand.  That's less than I was paying when buying from amerivend.

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