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Now Open for Business!!


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Hey everybody!!  I just wanted to let all of you know that I finally got me a locator  (First Choice Locators) and placed my first 2 machines this past Thurs!!!!  I AM EASTATIC!!!!!!  I did have a couple  of flubs but nothin major.  While trying to pour my gumballs into their canister a couple of them ended up  on the floor!!!  And I bouht one bag of candy thinking it would be enough but not so!!  Had to make an extra trip to Sam's.  It feels so great to actually be in business!  Thanks to everybody here for all of your input and support!!:dude:

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It feels great. Every time I open it up. I only have a few machines out, but It is the kewlest thing.

I thought an 850 box of gumballs would fill one machine, so I bought 4 cases. OOps. Well, they stay fresh for some time and they are my biggest seller.

From reading here, I have been putting about one bag. Ok, large bag of candy in each of my triples. The 45 oz, or 5 lb. bag. It fills mine about a third full. I think it makes them look like they are getting used, but not like they are old.

Have fun!

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Not yet Beer. The Gap fire here was raging that week and the Humane Society was on evacuation alert. Thankfully all is well now, but I just placed two triples (bank and medical clinic).

I have two doubles coming tho, so when I pick up my stickers from them I'm going to ask. I'm pretty sure they'll say yes.

I'm thinking gumballs for the kids, PMM for adults and staff.


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