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Kid at Chistmas


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OK my e-bay order is too arrive today. I already know what it is but can’t wait the hour or so for delivery. I wont to shake the box, touch the box, smell the box, (no not taste the box), and get my grubby hands in the box.

I will rip the tape, like a bullet through a target. Admire the machine, like it was Pamela Anderson. If I like it I will jump with joy like an early morning chimp baby.

I remember the feeling of opening Christmas presents as a child, it was always the happiest feelings in the world. I wasn't selfish I also enjoyed the feeling of watching others open presents I gave them also it just didn't have the lure of the unknown.

So my conclusion is this. I can keep myself the happiest person in the world, just order more machines. So now I must order some more. I will see you later, my machine will be the new one placed next to yours.


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I just used her becouse I couldn't think of anything that peaple could compare to. I don't care for her eather I can think of others much better looking. But in my late teens she was the talk of the talk.

Ohh I know I was just kidding!!
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OK it arrived. :(:(:(

Yea that’s right not happy:(. I got it off eBay for cheap enough that I cant complain to bad. But there are very big problems. While it looks very nice it is the cheapest plastic I have ever seen. I can push in on the windows, pull up on the locked lid lifting the corner about a half inch (more if I wasn't afraid to break it). Now plastic is disliked here and that’s fine I took my chances and lost. The machine will brake with the first kid that tries it. I will never buy this unit again. Its only positives are metal coin mec, and it looks awesome. I was going to buy more if I liked it but that is not going to happen.

I don't regret getting it because I don't have to think "I wish I would have gotten that M&M machine". Now I will be able to think "Man that M&M machine didn't even last an hour on location". I will try it but doubt it will last long, I will just be carful where I place the machine.

Here is the link for the auction. He has another one listed. DON'T BUY




EDIT: It droped my smily faces just edited to replace them.

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