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I would like to be able to upload and download CSV's for my different sections.

I'd like the upload ability because it's tiring to enter everything, click add, enter another, click add, etc.

If I can enter everything on a comma delimited file, and upload it, that would be wonderful!

If I can do the same thing to download a comma delimited file for each table, that would be wonderful too!

Also, if you can add functionality to identitfy a location as a charity or commission, with an associated table to be able to pick the charity that I am using?

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I agree with all of this... please please please!  Add CSV compatibility so we can upload data easier.  This will make a lot of people convert just with this feature alone.

Also, the ability to track commissions by location would be a huge improvement.

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I also agree that it can be tiring to enter-submit-enter-submit-laher-rinse-repeat when recording entrie.  When Vend-Trak was first developed (and I was the only user!), this was the only way to enter service records.  It got tiring for me!

That is why we added "Routes" to the application.  Once your locations are grouped into a route, you can enter all of the records for each location on that route on one page.  And to make it easier, the Route Service Sheet (in the Reports Section) lets you write the information down as you go about your route.  Then when you enter the records for the route, you can do it right from the Route Service Sheet (which looks just like the entry page).

As far as downloading data, you can do that as well.  Just go to the Reports Section and select the Data Reports.  You can get a list of your locations, services, and such on this screen.  It comes through as a CSV so you can open it in Excel (or program of your choice).

To identify which Charity your location is with...this is an ideal use for the Custom Fields.  Each business has different needs in what they need to track with Vend-Trak.  In this case, you need to track which Charity the location supports.  To do this with the Custom Fields:

  • Go to the My Account screen (where your name, address, etc. is located)
  • Go to the section for Custom Fields.
  • Change the name from "Custom 1" (or any other) to something more descriptive (i.e. "Charity Supported").
  • Now when you go to your Location Detail Screen for any location, you'll see a field called "Charity Supported" listed with the address, Point of Contact (POC), and other information.
The same process above could be used to record the "Commission Rate" in one of the Custom Fields as well.  Integrating this feature is on the short list for future improvements after Version 3.0 is released.

Thanks and Happy Vending!

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I see.  You are referring to uploading Location information, not service records. 

We added the ability to enter multiple service records at once since services are performed over and over and over.  Since locations are just added once, they didn't get as high a priority for multiple entry.  I agree that an upload for locations would encourage new users who already have many machines, though.  That is definitely something that we can explore as an enhancement for the future.  Thank you for the suggestion!

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