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New machine ordered by accident. But that is ok I will use it. I was watching an A&A machine and had thought about bidding. I had decided not though and got up. My nephew asked to use my laptop and some how bid on it. Last few min. at that. I wonted to yell and scream at him but decided against it and just explained what he did WRONG. Good thing it wasn't a high priced machine.

I will have to replace the gumball wheel (looks rusty) with a 1.1 capsule and I will change the coin over to vend on .50 this machine will go in our grooming shop with adopt a puppy toys  ( I know no one likes them but it is a grooming shop). So now I own a new machine. Cant wait tell it get's here. I may have to buff it up a bit.

Anyone know what type of plastic these globes are made out of? I need to know so I know how to remove any scratches. Wrong compound and I could ruine the plastic. Of course I could just try on a concealed area.


I am getting enough machines and haven’t placed any yet. I have one auction I am bidding on that I doubt I will win. I am also going to buy my triple from XYZ this week or next. I will use my free placement for this machine. The two locations I thought I already had turned sour.


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I knoticed that also later on. If it turns out to be me and seller are going to have to talk it over. I don't mind the other but I don't like not as discribed eather. He has 1000 posts 100% feedback he will work with me :D I don't post feedback tell I am happy. I am not affraid of negitive. I am not beond giving it. I don't think there will be any problems though.

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I saw this one and thought it was interesting because although it's called an A&A machine, the body and coin mech look like a Northwestern.

You do know that A&A sells knockoffs of Oak and Northwestern, right? The way you can tell is the chute doors will say 'Thank You' instead of "Oak" or "Northwestern".

Since they sell knockoffs, that's why everybody goes to them to get parts for the Oak and NWs.

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