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I would like some help please with a Royal 552 Merlin 2000 version 5. It accepts credit and then will not dispense any product and reports sold out, despite product in the columns. I know there is a vend moter fuse, not sure where it is located. Thanks for your help. 

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The fuse is located in a spring loaded horizontal fuse holder just above where the coin mech plugs in (if micromech and perhaps if MDB).  Push in and down on the fuse holder cover and it will release.  There may be a spare fuse inside it as there is a provision for a spare to be located there.  Replace the fuse with the same exact part.  Check for any jammed columns prior to attempting any vends.  If you blow the fuse again, you could still have a jammed column or a bad motor.  Sometimes the fuse blows for no apparent reason.

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I recently had the same issue on my Royal 552 & already had most of the images below posted to the gallery.  Installing a new fuse & fuse holder fixed my problem.


The fuse goes in the


fuse holder


which has a tray that pulls out where you insert the fuse



The actual entire fuse holder pulls out as well


Front View



Back View


& is located in the door slightly below & to the right of where the bill validator is located


or slightly to the right & above where the coin mech is located.

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