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Hotel/Motel vending


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High commissions, high vandalism, mostly low volume. They usually want to much equipment for what they really need. I have only one hotel and only reason I do it is because it is near my house, I know the manager, and no commissions.


I never call on hotels and turn them down when they call. Maybe in the right town and location they could be worth it but I don’t like doing them for the most part.


Just FYI, the more run down and “bad crowd” the better they seem to do.

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I have a cluster of 3 hotels in a row and they do fine income and vandalism wise


One of the hotels I got was inherited when I bought out another vending company....the machine was vandalized prior to me taking it over (somebody tried to pry the door a bit) so I removed the machine and the hotel did without a machine for a bit.


I was later contacted by the manager of one of the other hotels we service and since he also ended up managing the hotel where we pulled the machine from.....He asked me if we would reconsider placing a machine at the other site.


I agreed to place another machine there if they gave me $30 so I could buy a fake security camera for the machine area ( They did so I bought the $30 fake video camera  from Radio Shack and I installed it in a highly visible location and have not had problems at all).


If the hotels you can get  are pretty well occupied I'd say go for it.....the worse you can do is make some $$    ;-O



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