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USI motors and augers wanted


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Should this be in the Classifieds?


I have a 3155 Combo machine that had two motors go bad.  One a dual spiral and the other a single.  So, need one of each.


Then I bought a 3521 cold food machine.  It's nice but it came set up with three selections wide.  Well, five selections would fit so I have a ton of space side to side.  Too much space because small products fall to the side.  


I figure I need one more motor on each shelf plus one more so I need five single coil motors.  Plus the augers for it......smaller spacing on those augers, like 10 or 12 items per


Anyone have some parts laying around?  I just wasted some time searching the internet.  Not much luck.

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Hi loach33. I can help you with this. Does your 3155 combo have a GVC board in it? Is your 3521 a frozen version, a cold food version or a chilled snack version? You want small diameter spirals to go with the 5 motors, correct? Do you also need any dividers to go between the new spirals and how many?

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Well, I was sending this thru private message but it says AZ can't accept any new messages.  So, here goes 


Thanks for the message.  On that 3155B yes I think it's a GVC board.  I use the ABCDE buttons on the keypad.  For instance to change the price it's ABCBB
The 3521 is a cold food.  No frozen.  It's kept between 33 and 41 degrees.  Yes I would need the augers as well as the motors.  I figure if I add one motor to each row (4 rows), plus one extra motor in case I want to have 5 on one row.  Right now there are 3 per row. (Top 4 rows)
Yes, I would then need 5 dividers as well.
As for the augers, it has all 6 selection augers.  I had some 8 selections that I replaced some with but not enough.  I need skinnier versions for burritos, etc.  So, I could use 5 that are 8 selection and another 4 that are 10 selection....just to have extras.
It came to me with the plastic "trays" under each auger, where they have the groove where the auger sits.  This is fine if you leave them where they are.  But, there is so much space side to side it's a waste.  
So, I have adjusted the width on a couple rows (Still keeping the three selections per row though) so I had to ditch the plastic trays.  
P.S.  at the bottom of that machine is the row for drinks.  It came set up with the can risers (is that they're called?)  I have 3 of the 6 selections down there using the risers but what happens occasionally is the end of the auger gets stuck under that riser.  I've loosened the screw at the front of the riser so there's give but it still happens.  ANy thoughts there?  
I like the machine but these augers with the huge space between and side to side are causing most of my problems.
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I'm sorry my PM box was full again.  I've cleaned it out so I will send you a PM with the prices for what you need.  As to the can risers catching the spirals, since the spirals run under the risers loosening the screws is a good idea as long as the screws don't work their way out.  You could also remove the offending risers and file down the edge that catches the spiral, or file down the tip of the spiral that is catching.  Be prepared to cover the filed-down area with nail polish or something similar to seal the metal against rusting after you file off the finish. 

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Loach,  I tried to PM you but the system said you couldn't receive any PMs.


Here is the breakdown of parts and prices:

USI 3155
Single motor 24.00 x 1 = 24.00
Dual motor 38.00 x 1 = 38.00

USI 3521
Single motor 24.00 x 5 = 120.00
Spiral couplings 1.00 x 5 = 10.00
Spiral, 8 ct 20.00 x 5 = 100.00
Spiral, 10 ct 17.00 x 4 = 68.00
Price scrolls price depends on denomination

Check your shelf harnesses to see if you can add more motors to each shelf. If there are no extra wires to allow that you will have to replace the shelf harnesses as well.

Thanks for your interest, and let me know if you want to get these parts.

Randy Brereton
Complete Vending Repair

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Ha ha.  My PM's were full too.  Cleared out now.  I'll check the machine tomorrow for the ability to add.  Forgot to do that.


I have 3 extra couplings....I assume these are the grey pieces that connect the spiral to the motor.  So I would only need 3 of these.


Price Scrolls.... Prices from 50 cents to 2.00.  The scrolls in there now go in increments of a quarter which is nice.


P.S....  price scrolls for other machines.  I could use some of those for other machines.  From 35 cents to 1.00.  Probably 5 of them but I bet they come in packs of 10 or something.

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