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Gumball Machine Warehouse


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This is the clone of the Seaga TV3000 model. It is the black triple with gold coin mechs.

Web site: http://www.gumball-machine.com/

Overall appearance = 5 out of 5Packaging = 4 out of 5Order processing = 4 out of 5Form/Fit = 4 out of 5Operation = 4.5 out of 5Price = 5 out of 5Overal = 4.5

Overall appearance

I like the black with gold trim so this scored high with me as I was looking for a replacement for the Seaga TV3000 after it has been discontinued. They also come in black, red and yellow with the chrome trim. Only a black base though for the chrome fans out there.


Packaging was pretty good but the base plate came through it's box and cut through the outer box. It could have been placed on the bottom instead of on it's edge, which I think is the reason it came through both cartons. The paint has a small chip/rub spot where it had bee drug or pushed along a floor somewhere.

Order processing

It is very easy on their web site, just pick your options and checkout. They state it ships within 24 hours and I think mine did but I never got a confirmation email. I waited a day and filled a contact form on the web site for info on when it left or a possible tracking number. It states that a rep will answer your question in 24 hours but they never got back to me. The machine did show when I thought it would but I like to know so it is not sitting on the front porch for someone to walk off with it. I ordered it on a Tuesday and I got it on that Friday. It ships from MI and I am in FL.


The stand pipe (metal) seems to have more threads on it then my Seaga as you really can screw it into the base (iron) and machine. It was a little loose going into my machine base so I turned the pipe over with the same results so either end is up but loose to start. If you are not careful you could cross thread this easy. It is also a problem if you need to break it down on location with candy inside. I was unable to get it to come off the stand with the loose threads. My solution was to remove most of the candy to make it lighter because you have to lift the machine as you turn the last few threads. If you don't it just keeps going and going. Other then that it seem stable with little to no rocking. The spill try was already attatched to the base. If you need a machine to go together quick then this is it.


The machine comes with two candy wheels and a gumball/toy wheel in the center. The candy wheels are the standard six notch ones and you need to remove three screws to get to it. The gumball wheel has just one screw and you can adjust it without taking it out. It did not come with an instruction book but it is a pretty standard machine. No .25 price labels were included for the windows. The front acrylic window comes out as one piece for cleaning or to apply product lables. The coin mechs were a little stiff but smooth in operation so I suspect they will loosen up over time. The chute doors are metal and it has threee coin trays. The top & back locks were the same and it came with 4 identical keys.


It seemed to be the least expensive triple out there. Machine is $92 plus $39 for shipping for a total of $131. There does not seem to be a quanity discount.


It seems like a solid machine with only a few glitches. At 40+ pounds empty plus up to 15 pounds of cany per selection it should stay where you put it. If you have limited start up money but can't seem to win that Ebay machine or find one on Craigslist then you might give this one a try. YMMV

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Order processing section update:

I have to add to the review that I did get an answer to my tracking number request. I missed it because it was directed to my junk mail folder. So up that score to maybe 4.5 out of 5.

Form/Fit section update:

Not sure why but the hinge on the top lid allows you to slide it off. I discovered this while adding a gasket seal on the inside of the lid. So maybe up it to a 4.5 out of 5 also.

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Thier warehouse is about 10 miles from my house,

they are nice friendly people.

I pick up in person I have used a few of their stands

I get gumballs and jawbreakers from them all the time saves me on shipping.


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