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Anyone place fortune tellers?


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I have always wanted a zoltar    

But at $6000 for the deluxe models 


Even at $1.00 vend it would take 12,500 customers to break even

50% commission  and price of refill cards $500.00

it would take some time to get money back   


but the good side is you never see one used for sale

and if you do they seem to hold their value so... its a win if you have a high traffic location

like a mall or tourist stop



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By the time you add shipping and a dollar bill acceptor which lets face it your probably going to need to begin to make your money back at a relatively fast pace your looking at closer to 7000.00 - 7200.00 which at a dollar a play with a 50% commission to the building owner that would be 14,000 - 14,400 plays before it payed itself off but that's not counting the fact you'd have to re-order cards at 50.00 for a pack of 500 cards


14,000 {plays} / 500 {number per refill pack} = 28 X 50.00 = $1,200 out of pocket to refill the machine Taking into account the 2,000 ""free"" cards


So far its 7,000 + 1,200 = 8,200 before you see any profit.


Breaking it down further that would be


16,400 plays


I'm not talking anyone into or out of this I'm kinda posting this for my own reference and to see if my math is correct.

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