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Small Cranes


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Mr vacuum is newer to cranes   but the concept is sound


the mini vacuum is contained in the ball and is replaceable


Lil diamond is a standard crane shrunk to mount on a wall

its VERY tiny and its appeal is limited

It is only good for route operators who service every 2 weeks  

or for a owner operator to keep the prizes full


It is made for a Mp3  or gift card / jewelry

These are both designed to fit in a very small space on a wall


Due to its price   I would pass unless you absolute don't have to room for a 24x24 crane


The coastal  sweet Shoppe and coast to coast  28x34x80    twilight crane are a better buy


the sweet Shoppe can be configured with a mini claw..

same with twilight crane




due to their size  they will not do as much as a regular crane

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depends on your location who to recommend to buy them from


let me know your location and I can direct you I am guessing  western Pennsylvania

so Shaffer distributing  out of Cleveland Ohio? would be your best bet





coast to coast retails  the twilight and candy cranes at  $2500   but  $2000 is more accurate


coastal candy crane is about the same price

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