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Seaga HF 3500 Bill validator


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Hey all,

  I'm trying to resurrect a Seaga HF 3500. The mechanics work perfectly. I'm having problems with the Bill validator.

  It has a Quantum 700 series coin acceptor which seems to work perfectly. It accepts all coins, including loonies and twonies (i'm in Canada.) It also dispenses the correct change.

  The bill validator is a MC 7200. It was rejecting bill's immediately until I cleaned it. Now when I put a bill in ($5) it pauses for a second, then '5.00' flashes on the readout, then it rejects the bill. A similar thing happens with $10's and $20's.

  Here's the strange part. If I unplug the coin acceptor, the bill validator takes the bill and properly credits the bill value on the read out. I can then make a selection.

  I'm not sure where the problem is. Some experience direction would be appreciated.


  As well if there is a good person/company in the Greater Toronto Area which does service please forward me their contact details.





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The coin mech could be the issue as on an MDB machine both the coin mech and bill validator are connected together, then plugged into the machine harness.  You should try a different MDB coin mech and see if that solves the problem.  This is a common issue with MDB in that either the coin mech or validator can cause a problem that you think is in one device but ends up being in the other device.

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