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Nepavend is back.... And My experience in a courtroom.


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Hey all. It has been a while since my last posts.

I had a interesting story about a stolen machine I wanted to post about to show that thieves can be caught and brought to heel. Last summer a machine I had in a business was closing and when I went to retrieve it it was gone.

The owners called me a few days later while I was out walking and to my shock they tracked their surveillance footage and got images of the guy and his buddy as well as the car they arrived in with plates in full view of the cameras, came in the location, milled around, made a wave, and a break for the machine and the door. They had called the PA State Police and filed a report and gave me the troopers information and I contacted him soon after and gave him my information and back story on the value of the machine etc. he said he was tracking the guy down and would let me know when he had an update.

He called a couple months later stating that he was put in custody long story short, 2 counts of receiving stolen property and 2 counts of theft by unlawful taking, released on bail, which was paid, and there was a hearing in front of the district magistrate this morning. The evidence was reviewed and the trooper and myself testified. The judge ordered the case held over for trial.

I am pleased that this case was actually taken seriously and pursued to the full extent, despite the relative small potatoes we know a double head gum machine can be in the big picture. While it is inconvenient and took time out of my workload before the holidays, I rest easy knowing that this guy already has cost himself days of work, embarrassment, attorney fees, court costs, and bail, and who knows what else, because he won't "rat out" the other guy and he did and partook in something really stupid.

This story goes to show us vendors that sometimes the police do take cases of theft and stolen property seriously in some cases, hopefully this is a sign for all of us that we can at least make the bad guys squeal a little bit.

Lastly, merry Christmas to all forum members and families. It's been a long time hanging around this forum and I've been lucky to meet some great people on here. Here's to more next year!

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nice. in the old days when vending was all operated by the mobs. they would have hunted the guys down themselves, and the guys would never have been seen again.

we have some Japanese restaurants out here in vegas, they tell new employees, don't ever steal from us, or no one will ever find your body.

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