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Converting std crane to magnet crane?


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Has anyone ever has luck converting a standard crane to a magnet crane (like eluat giftbox or disco). I have a few old cranes without percentage feature I'm thinking of tossing or parting out but then I had the thought to swap the coil for a lifting electromagnet and use it for higher value stuff

Just wondering if anyone had tried it and if so would it work? My only concern is the coil only engages when the down switch is engaged and I don't know if that would completely work right for caching the prize. The way the eluat crane is it uses little round tubes the precise size of the magnet so you have to get it dead on center making it work w/out a percentage feature

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all you have to do is swap the claw


same voltages

same concept 


the mounting holes might not match for the 3 screws  but its a easy mod



I use mystery cups with metal washers in the lids for them to grab


does very well




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the claw is a electro-magnet

smart made them for a bit

so did elaut and others


coast to coast makes one now  so you can order the claw/electro-magnet from them.




the higher the voltage or claw strength the stronger the magnet


mystery cups is I take a Starbucks cup or a foam cup with lid   

put a prize inside and glue a metal 1 inch metal washer to the inner lid

so the claw can pull it up 


it does not effect mp3 or touchscreens



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