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RED BULL RVRB 372-3 coinco validator issues


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  Hey guys Vendergy here! My RVRB 372-3 red bull machine was working fine for a year, then it only pulls in $1 bill and no more..now it doesnt even light up. its a coinco validator, no lights inside or out! ideas? still takes coins

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If it is accepting one $1 bill only and not stacking it, and you get credit for the bill, you have accidentally set the escrow feature wrong in the programming.  You want to set it to escrow (hold a bill without stacking it) only the "last bill" such as the third bill if your price is over $2.  In that case the machine should stack the first two bills and hold the third bill in the belts, "in escrow."  Here is how to access the configuration menu and how it works:


Configurations Mode
If <enter> is pressed at the “Con”
prompt, the controller will enter the
configurations mode by displaying
“Cn X,” where “n” is the configuration number and
“X” is the current status. Using <up> or <down> will
cycle through all available configuration options. If
<exit> is pressed at any time during this operation,
the controller will return to the “Con” prompt. From
the “Con” prompt, use <up> to proceed to the next
prompt, “rtn” (when “C2” is set to “0”) or “ECO”
(when “C2” is set to “1”).
If <enter> is pressed, the display will flash “X” (the
current status). Pressing <up> or <down> will cause
the flashing status to toggle between “0” (disabled)
and “1” (enabled). When the desired status is
displayed, pressing <exit> will save that status and
return the controller to the “Cn X” display.


For proper change handling, set C6 = 0, C7 = 1 and C10 = 1.


C10 = 1 is also the "Escrow Enable" setting you need.


Also make sure your machine knows how much change it has by emptying your coin mech and refilling using the tube fill menu "tUFL."   Move through the menus to get to tUFL and press the enter button.  Your display will go blank and as you drop all your coins in the top of the coin mech the display will count the totals on the display as the tubes are filled.  This will allow the machine to know it's change situation at every vend.  If you later add change to the coin mech tubes you should use the tUFL menu to do it.

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