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Micro Market Locator Service


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I dont know.  I think any locator that targets large office buildings would be qualified.  I dont know any locator services that have vending machines.  I find locators better than sales reps because they do know what they are doing and they replace locations at little or no cost if its a bad location.  I dont know any hourly sales reps doing that.


I guess the question is Can anyone recomend a locator service that targets large offices or warehouses?

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Micro Markets need more than 150 employees.  Bump that up to around 250 and then give it a try.  

We just closed one in Brea Ca. Mfg and distriubution with 380 employees.   It took about 3 months from bid to close.  Our Canteen franchise company is setting up the market. Now we wait to see how it is going to do.  Our commission on this one was employee count based at 15.00 per head (or 5700.00).  This market replaced 14 machines.  We would have charged 500 each units so this market reflected a savings on our commission for the franchise company.


These markets are high risk not for the faint of heart.  So may want to wait until more results are in.  The build in alone takes a lot longer then you might imagine.  



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Yes about 7 months in they asked if they

 could go back to full line vending.  It was office and blue collar.  The office area did great whereas the blue collar group had a terrible theft ratio. Even with the video where they could id the workers they just gave us our vendor the money rather than talk to these employees.

In the end, they continued with the small market in the employee office building and went back to full line on the production side.  The office had 126 emp on site daily.  Averaged $575 to $750 weekly.  2 coolers, 2 racks, coffee, 1 freezer. 4 microwaves

Not sure about the production area.

We have found adding a small market to an office with 90 to 150emp (average) triples the income made using traditional vending machines. A lot of the vendors  we represent like the smaller markets that they can build out using coolers, racks, coffee machines and buying a small Koisk.  Runs about $8500.

Here is a setup we just did, looks nice don't you agree.


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