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How to replace selection buttons on Dixie Narco?

JCS Vending

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Hi Everyone,

I need to replace the selection buttons on a Dixie Narco.  I've never done it before and am not a mechanical person.  I've looked on youtube.com for a video but couldn't find one.  I have a Dixie Narco 600e.  I am likely buying the new buttons off ebay.


If you have a 600e and are at one of your machines in the near future, could you pretty please take a short video with your camera phone on how to remove the wiring to get to the buttons so I can pop them out and put the new ones in?  


I would GREATLY appreciate it.  


Thank you!

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There is no wiring to remove in order to replace the buttons. 


If you have individual selection switches:  Turn your power off and then you simply remove the two screws and nut holding the selection switch in place, remove the switch, it's white plastic "spring" and the clear spacer under the switch.  Now the button simply slides out and the new one slides back in.  I use a very small adjustable wrench for the nuts but you can use an open end 5/16" wrench.  If the screw spins, lay a small screwdriver blade in the slot of the screw to hold it while loosening the nut.  When reinstalling the switch remember that the offset holes in the clear spacer go to the front of the door and the hollow side of the spacer faces down.  Make sure the "spring" is between the new select button and the switch so the button will be pushed back out after it's pushed. 


If you have a single ribbon cable down the length of the selection panel:  Turn power off and disconnect the ribbon cable at the top of the retaining selection button retaining plate.  Remove all nuts holding the selection switch assy backing plate to the door.  Carefully remove the plate as the membrane and it's rubber padded membrane might be assembled together.  Don't lose any of the metal tubular spacers that are on each stud you removed a nut from.  If the selection switch assy comes apart pay attention to the order the parts are assembled before they come apart.  With these parts removed you can now replace all the buttons.  Reinstall all the other parts in the order they came off the door and tighten the nuts on the backing plate.  Reconnect the ribbon cable at the top of the plate.


I have buttons for this machine.  Keep in mind that there are two possible buttons your machine will use.  One for the individual switch machine and one for the membrane switch machine and you must use the correct ones.  I can probably save you money over an Ebay buy, just send me a PM.

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