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Change in machine


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OK, let me ask the Q in a different way :)

Treat me like I'm stupid because this is all new to me :)

I guess from your response the "making change" portion of the machines hold a certain amount of $...is this correct?

If so, then let me amend my Q to be how much is typically in there?

Basically, if you bought a machine, how much should you expect to have to put in there?



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I use two rolls each of nickels, dimes and quarters. That's $34.00. I always start with that so it is easy to keep track off. I keep track of money I add and only count the change in the changer if I pull the machine. 

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Things are picking up. When got two new accounts this month which meant getting 7 machines. We have also re-located a couple, so right now I'm busy. We'll see how much time the new accounts take up. Work interfers with your golf!


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