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Hello all, my name is Joe and I own and operate NEPA Vending out of Scranton, PA, USA.  I am working on getting a website up and running.

I have been in the business since July 2006, started off as a hobby but quickly growing into a passion and soon-to-be full time adventure.  I have approximately 160 locations in Scranton and surrounding areas, with most of that expansion taking place this past summer!  :)

Looking forward to learning more and networking on the site.



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Thank you seltzer and all of you for the warm welcome. 

I will have to work on that list, it is extensive and more detailed than I thought and than I care to deal with.  :)

I have been a professional basement/garage cleaner-upper since i started so I have several brands of equipment I deal with, some I like much more than others.  I will work on a list and hopefully have it by the end of the weekend (I have another basement to empty on Sunday).

The majority of my machines are either Eagle or Westar (Mini Giants or Mini giant triples with Eagle heads on either side).  I like them for their simplicity, versatility, and they look pretty good and are generally available at a good price.  I also have a number of Vendmax Emperor Deluxes which were my first purchase in the business, A&A, Northwestern, and a small amount of other brands such as Beaver, V-Line, etc.  I have been using almost all 25 cent vends but the last few months of expansion have seen the first rack, sticker machine, and other 50 cent vend setups hit my routes.  The majority of my purchase I mentioned earlier is going to be for more Northwestern Series 80 fifty cent vends for building racks and doubles with 50 cent heads, there may even be some of those York Peppermint Patty tabletops thrown in, which i would not normally bother with, but for a deal like I am getting I have to take the whole package and ask questions later.  Maybe someone on this forum can have a use for them.  ;)

I will get into more detail on numbers of machines and some pros and cons I have found with my experience as soon as I can, hopefully I will help some new bulk vendors in their forays with equipment.

Until next time...



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Hey man!! Welcome from one PA member to another:) Just starting out myself, actually. I'm a little ways from you (Pocono area) but am in your area often (I play in a band, actually, just left). Mainly in the Scranton/Lake Wallanpaupack area. Congrats on finding a great website!

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I am going to start listing some of my basics with my business.

I have 165 locations currently (after last night's delivery, a rack!  4th this month)  with about 265 heads in service total.

in July 06 I entered the business.  I know for sure I have about 40 out of the 47 Vendmax Emperor Deluxes that I bought when I started.  I sold and lost a few over time, and cannibalized some for parts when the globes broke.  I paid $7000 them, with 24 on location.

In July 07 I bought a route with 55 locations and a garage full of parts, machines, etc.  These are mostly Eagle/Westar machines with a few random A&A parts/heads.  This was my most expensive purchase to date but was well worth it as the person I bought the route from is now my partner, with 23 years experience all over the country.  he has been a great friend and mentor.

In January 08 I cleaned out another garage for $800 and got a gold mine of parts, stands, bars, mechs, heads, and my first few rack setups, interactives, sticker machines, and 50 cent toy heads.  I figure I picked up another 20 machines minimum from breaking down, putting together machines, etc. 

This summer, my partner cleaned out a garage in NJ full of Eagle machines and parts, and in addition we ordered 10 brand new A&A doubles which were more costly than we are used to, but they worked out great for placing in classy or higher end businesses such as sporting goods stores, tanning salon, restaurants.  We ended up placing nearly 100 machines from June to Sept 6.

On Sunday I am going to CT to clean a garage out of brand new NW Series 80 Minis (19" i believe), triple plays,  A&A heads, and York patty tapletops.  Not sure exactly how many but expecting the total cost will be $20/head or less (about 30 machines and 10 stands included) .  A great haul for brand new stuff that could be 50 cent vends quite easily on a rack.  Rack stands alone go for $75-100 these days, I believe there are 3 included in this deal.  I will update when I get the stuff.

I estimate altogether I have 200 machines on location, with 40 Vendmax, 10 A&A Doubles, the bulk of the rest being Westar Mini Giants and Mini Giant Triples, Eagle Singles and Doubles.  I have 2 racks in service, 1 4-column sticker, 1 interactive, 3 50 cent singles (NW 80s or A&A Supreme on a pipe stand).

I have a few other racks (18") unassembled in storage, along with some 2-column Brand sitcker machines, a few doubles I assembled and 2 basketball interactives with beaver heads (14" globes).

In future posts I plan on going over the pros and cons of the various machines I have dealt with, and offer tips on finding them.  I am seeing that many people are not using Eagle on this forum.

I also plan on going over my strategy on placing and upgrading machines and product mixes, as this area is probably a major area where many vendors don't take advantage of and can be a pitfall for newbies.

Happy vending, Joe

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