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June Best Sellers


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2" capsules- 250 per box


Domo figures in color    $29.50

Gooli figures     $30.00  in Maryland only

Skulls and Bones Skateboards    $40.00   in Maryland only

Sea Animal Suction Cups     $22.00

Xoddo small figures  $28.00





1.1" capsules - 250 per bag


Domo figures in color     $25.50  in California only




Flat Vending


Kung Fu Panda- LOA tattoos in Maryland only   $20.00

Internal Gears and Zippers  $20.00

NBA Foil stickers in Maryland only   $20.00

Turbo tattoos in California only  $15.00






Bling Teeth ( min. 20 bags ) $16.00/bag

Beavis and Butthead foam balls (min. 16 bags, 50 in a bag )$7.50/bag

Domo figures (min. 20 bags )  $8.00/bag

Family Guy 5" vinyl balls ( 250/box ) $87.50/box

Warner Brother mini flying discs (min.40 bags ) $5.00/bag






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