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Route for sale


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130 locations, almost all double beavers. Gunballs/candy. 6 locations have 8 way racks. Over 300 heads. Machines in great location. Route starts a 2 hour drive from me and the furthest point is 3 hours away.

Asking price: $25,000

Yay or nay?

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Big difference between $2000 and $3000.  Some additional questions I'd like to have answered before I ever got serious about this particular route would be:

How long have you had it?  Did you build it or use a locator?

Do you have tax returns?  
How many of the locations would support toys instead of candy (family/children foot traffic)?
Any commissions?  
Are you planning to get out of vending altogether or are you just "switching gears"?  

Describe your favorite location on this route.  Why?  Describe your least favorite. Why?  

What's your total mileage between stop #1 and #130?  How many hours does it take to service the route?


Price is a little high and the averages are a little low - but it's quality equipment.  Probably worth no more than $15-17k.  This route is looking like a LOT of hustle for below average sales.

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