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Bulk Vending Machines Under Attack used as weapons


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from vending times magazine


It's getting downright dangerous out there for bulk vending machines. Multiple reports from across the country in the past month have described bulk machines that have been intentionally smashed or used as weapons in fits of rage or intoxicated outbursts. While the ubiquitous venders have always attracted the irrational ire of those under the influence or acting out of anger, this summer's incident rate would appear to be well above average.

Police responding to a call at a local gas station in Burlington, IA, found a man insisting they place him under arrest. According to local reports, the 37-year-old man stated that he was high and feared for his own safety. Since police were unable to arrest the man unless he committed a crime, the quick-thinking aspiring criminal unsuccessfully attacked the police cruiser. Placed in custody, he assured his arrest by smashing a bulk vender in the lobby of the police station. During a subsequent hearing, a local judge ordered the man evaluated.

In Northhampton, MA, a Holyoke man discontented with the service at Mimmo's Pizza assaulted a clerk with a vending machine. Local reports described a 24-year-old patron who became unruly after waiting for his order. Seeking to defuse the situation, the clerk offered to return the customer's order only to have the suspect throw the vender at him. The suspect was arrested after leaving the pizzeria.



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