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Has anyone tried Crane MS for their processing?


I decided I would give them a try...they talked about how easy it was.


I received the unit, it is NOT easy to hook up like USA, Air Vend and Vend Screen.


Then to find out...every time I order a unit - Crane MS has to come to your warehouse and activate every unit.


NO units are pre activated...you have to wait 2 weeks for someone to come out.


That is crazy to me, With USA and Air Vend...they are already activated...and ready to go out of the box.


Has any one had any good experiences with Crane MS??



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What you're describing is the same stupid problem that every vendor has with the Crane readers. It's ridiculous that anyone would have to wait even one day to activate one, especially when it's sitting on your machine door. In addition, the design of their unit is poor with multiple cables from the reader instead of just one, cables that are too short and piss-poor instructions.

What our member Rschlig had to do was get Crane to send him a computer file with the activation info in a file that can be saved to a thumbdrive, then plugged into the USB port on the card modem. He successfully activated his in that way.

I don't care how much cheaper these units are, I would not use them due to the difficulties that Crane has created. I think this is a prime example of the god-like attitude that Crane has had since they began acquiring other manufacturers. Heck, you can't even get card reader tech support on the phone past 5pm eastern time. The only card reader oriented number that answersbafter 5pm can't help you with an installation.

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heck AZ....I could not find any 1 central number....the number on the Crane MS page - I got asked a 1000 questions and got transferred to 5 different numbers.


I hate their readers....they have 2 Antenna ports and 2 MDB connectors(1 from reader & 1 from Currenza unit) - very confusing


I immediately asked for a RMA ....I just lost my $60 on that trial


I installed my Air-Vend unit in 6 min and working perfectly

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That's why I always recommend USA Technologies to my customers. They aren't the sharpest tools in the shed but they have finally got their act together compared to where they were 5 years ago and they have very good, reliable solutions for vendors.

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I still have my Crane MS navigator installed on 2 of my machines, I have 3 machines at this location and I dont dare get another one.       They are all over the place I dont even know where to start.


First off the sales rep is horrible and doesnt do anything other then process orders and sends out the product you request.

It started off by me having this crazy idea of trying something new out I called up crane,spoke with a sales rep which he was very confused and i found out later he does not know any of the tech side of their systems. I decided to do a trial on 2 of my 3 machines at one of my locations and go from there.   I paid about 120 for 2 navigators with the activation fees (he says) used a credit card over the phone and about 1 week later they came in a big box and in the big box came 4 zip lock bags 2 had the navigators and 2 had their crazy telemetry devices with a whole bunch of wires it seemed like.... I brought them to my location to setup i forgot my drill of coures so I called up AZvendor to do the rest of the install..... after he setup the first navigator on the soda machine he realized it needs to be activated which I had to call my "sales" guy who forwarded me to a tech guy which he sent me a file that I had to download onto a thumb drive and go back to the location to plug in .........then when randy tried to setup the snack machine which was an AP 123 he realised that I would need an extended cable so I called up my "sales" guy again to tell him he forgot the cable which in turn he send out a Tech guy to meet me in person to hand me the cable.    I installed the snack machine with the new cable.     these devices take credit cards but to this day   almost 3 months later the Reports on the back office still do not show any cash sales I have spoke to the Director of Technical support about this many times and he admits it is their fault and they are programming it now but do not have an ETA for this.. I told them Why should I have to pay the full about if I am not getting everything that is promised to me.  


So in other words I would recommend Waiting to try out these devices till they get their head out of their butts!!!

Oh yeah and I have seen 3 charges from them in the past month on my credit card for things I have no clue what they are for  one for 57 one for 49 and another for 27 something, I email them and I have not go any reponse from them as to why they biled me...

Great!!!,........now you put me in a bad mood!!

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